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Vine anomaly at the School

Anomalies are a type of environmental hazard which have formed within areas of the New World.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Not long before the catastrophe, scientists started discovering strange phenomena occurring in ecologically polluted areas. The effects varied: new species of bacteria, intense mutations, changes to electro-magnetic fields. The scientific world was shaken by the sensational news that the decomposition of noxious substances accelerated in anomalous territories. Ecstatic about the discovery, mankind didn’t spot the benevolent anomalies turning into deadly man traps.

In Survarium they serve as threats in the world which survivors must have special equipment and knowledge to safely navigate. Their most notable feature is that highly prized artifacts are formed within them.

Some survivors, known as artifact hunters, train and equip themsleves to be able to remain in anomalous areas for long periods of time, allowing them to search for artifacts more effectively than others. In addition to this, anomalies can be used as a tactical advantage. Due to their harmful nature, survivors can lure other, more poorly-equipped foes into an anomaly's area of effect to hinder their abilities, injure them or ultimately kill them.

Known Types[edit | edit source]

  • Vine-type found in the School's central yard and basement.
  • Ore-type found in the School's sports hall.
  • Chemical-type covering a main route through Vostok Radar Station.
  • Electrical-type found on Vostok Radar Station.
  • Beating heart of a tree on Mamayev Kurgan

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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