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Missions are goals or side quests given to the player by factions in Survarium.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Camps and shelters always need heroes to perform important and dangerous tasks for protecting and providing all that is necessary. Hunting for artifacts, food, water, fuel and medical supplies, the destruction of competitors, clearing areas of mutants and other everyday tasks.

Camps reward heroes with money and reputation for performing tasks. The higher the reputation, the broader the access survivors will have to rare equipment and weapons.

Teamplay[edit | edit source]

Special action-focused tasks for the team match. For example, missions based on special ways to beat the enemy (headshots), special types of victory (all key items collected) or special actions (survive the entire battle).

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Rank Mission bronze.png Mission silver.png Mission gold.png Rank Mission bronze.png Mission silver.png Mission gold.png
0 N/A Experience received150 Silver 2,000 Rep. 100 8 Army logo.png Sergeant
Fringe logo.png Wanderer
Experience received390 Silver 3,600 Rep. 260
1 Scavenger logo.png Rookie
Market logo.png Recruit
Experience received180 Silver 2,200 Rep. 120 9 Army logo.png First Sergeant
Fringe logo.png Pathfinder
Experience received420 Silver 3,800 Rep. 280
2 Scavenger logo.png Determined
Market logo.png Fighter
Experience received210 Silver 2,400 Rep. 140 10 Army logo.png Warrant Officer
Fringe logo.png Devoted
Experience received450 Silver 4,000 Rep. 300
3 Scavenger logo.png Experienced
Market logo.png Foreman
Experience received240 Silver 2,600 Rep. 160 11 Army logo.png Lieutenant
Fringe logo.png Elder
Experience received480 Silver 4,200 Rep. 320
4 Scavenger logo.png Die-Hard
Market logo.png Centurion
Experience received270 Silver 2,800 Rep. 180 12 Army logo.png Captain
Fringe logo.png Master
Experience received510 Silver 4,400 Rep. 340
5 Scavenger logo.png Veteran
Market logo.png Elite
Experience received300 Silver 3,000 Rep. 200 13 Army logo.png Major
Fringe logo.png Soothsayer
Experience received540 Silver 4,600 Rep. 360
6 Army logo.png Soldier
Fringe logo.png Hunter
Experience received330 Silver 3,200 Rep. 220 14 Army logo.png Lieutenant Colonel
Fringe logo.png Keeper
Experience received570 Silver 4,800 Rep. 380
7 Army logo.png Lance Corporal
Fringe logo.png Huntsman
Experience received360 Silver 3,400 Rep. 240 15 Army logo.png Colonel
Fringe logo.png Magister
Experience received600 Silver 5,000 Rep. 400

Rep. : Faction Reputation

Black Market[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Criteria
Mission points.png Authority We don't need heroes. We need strong fighters who are able to do their job. And the better they do their job - the more credibility they deserve among their comrades. Score points for the battle:
100 / 200 / 300
Mission melee.png Dirty work When you can't do the job cleanly - be prepared to get your hands dirty. That's what differs us from the rest. Prove that you're one of us - work with your hands. Kill enemies in melee in a day:
1 / 3 / 5
Mission wins.png Hail the Black Market! There is nothing as sweet as victory! Loot, glory, respect - the winner gets it all. Not to mention the reputation among the Black Market brotherhood! Win matches:
1 / 3 / 5
Mission accuracy.png Mentor Not all soldiers of the Black Market are so reliable with a gun in his hand, as with a bottle of liquor. You, the leader, should be capable and you know how to shoot. Show the newcomers how to steady the barrel and where to aim, maybe they will learn something. Win the battle and achieve accuracy of fire above:
20% / 30% / 40%
Mission kills.png Personal affair When the battle is over, the enemy scatters and the loot is divided - it's nice to share the experience of these glorious moments with friends. Make sure you have stories to tell. Kill enemies in a day:
20 / 40 / 75
Mission medals.png Rules of "Market" A Black Market fighter can earn everything with his audacity and ammunition. Take what you want and show no mercy to your enemies. It is our policy and you should follow it, if you want to survive. Get medals in a day:
10 / 25 / 50

Fringe Settlers[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Criteria
Mission kills.png Fear of death Our enemy is dangerous and ruthless. But we have to gain his respect for our own good and, unfortunately, the only way to do this is to make him afraid. Kill enemies in a day:
20 / 40 / 75
Mission headshots.png Mercy Unfortunately, violence is hard to avoid in the real world. So if we have to kill our enemy, do it fast, with a headshot. Enemies killed with headshot in a day:
5 / 10 / 15
Mission kdr.png Natural selection Which are you, a victim or a predator? Hunter or Prey? In post-apocalyptic world everyone is for themselves. Only the strongest survive. Win the match with the kill/death ratio of at least:
1 / 1.5 / 2
Mission wins.png On Guard We must be prepared to protected ourselves and our land. It's only by defeating the enemy do we earn the right to live. Only by winning the battle can one protect their territory against an invasion. Win matches:
1 / 3 / 5
Mission killstreak.png Rangers test Before scouting in the Forest our guides are carefully selected hunters from many potential survivors. Only the most skilled and brave have a chance to get into the group. Prove that you're also able to survive in the Forest and show off your skills. Commit killstreak:
3 / 5 / 7
Mission melee.png Rules of nature Nature has created man to be strong and courageous. Weapons created by man made him weaker and cowardly. Remember this and avoid firing when it is not necessary. Kill enemies in melee in a day:
1 / 3 / 5
Mission accuracy.png Sharp shooter One precise shot is better than a dozen bullets fired in the air. Especially these days when every bullet is a rare find. Prove you can really be named a hunter. Win a match with accuracy rate:
20% / 30% / 40%
Mission grenades.png Thrower When weapons cannot penetrate body armor grenades will always come in handy. One well-aimed throw and your opponent will become food for worms. Kill enemies with grenade in a day:
1 / 3 / 5

Renaissance Army[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Criteria
Mission points.png Exemplary soldier The Renaissance Army grows stronger every day, recruits join our ranks, ammunition fills our arsenals. However, there're not enough instructors for everyone, so we are looking for people who can become an example for others. We give you this opportunity. Score points for the battle:
100 / 200 / 300
Mission wins.png For the Motherland! Step by step, fight the battle, victory after victory - this is our way to a revival of the Renaissance Army! We have nowhere to retreat, victory at all costs! Win matches:
1 / 3 / 5
Mission medals.png Leadership Our army educates not just soldiers but truly strong and brave fighters. It is among these fighters that there are ones who will soon lead and take us further. Maybe you're one of them? Get medals in a day:
10 / 25 / 50
Mission accuracy.png Shooting range We are the few who have the best weapons from bygone times. Therefore command checks the skills of our soldiers, regardless of their rank. Prove that you know how to shoot. Win the battle and achieve accuracy of fire above:
20% / 30% / 40%
Mission kdr.png Superiority A good soldier is not a fanatic cut-throat. Self-control and discipline make us stand out from the mob and make us stronger. Prove that for real! Win the match with the kill/death ratio of at least:
1 / 1.5 / 2

Scavengers[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Criteria
Mission headshots.png Bullseye! Headshot, in addition to the instant death of the enemy, has another positive feature; you will not damage the clothing and backpack of your victim. Kill enemies with headshot in a day:
5 / 10 / 15
Mission accuracy.png Shooting skills What's the use in shooting in all directions? One bullet is enough to take a life. Learn to conserve your ammo. Win a match with accuracy rate higher than:
20% / 30% / 40%
Mission medals.png Valor Recently we rarely manage to avoid clashes with the enemy. Encroachment on our freedom and land leave us no choice but to stand and fight. Fight valiantly and thanks to people like you, the Scavengers will have a chance to resist. Get medals in a day:
10 / 25 / 50
Mission points.png Work for a team One man is no man. Only the coordination of action and their results can lead us to victory. Be useful to your team and you will be rewarded for your actions. To score points for the battle:
100 / 200 / 300

Free play[edit | edit source]

Quests consist of various missions, spread over a large map and reveal the basic story of a camps survival.

Cooperative game[edit | edit source]

Missions based on accomplishing large story tasks which play a key role in the Survarium world events.

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