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The Shop is the main area where survivors can acquire new equipment, weapons, items and various other supplies by purchasing them using silver Silver and goldGold. It serves as the location where factions exchange their wares with the player, provided survivors have the required reputation with them.

Currency[edit | edit source]

Silver[edit | edit source]

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Silver, or rubles, is the basic form of currency in the world of Survarium. It is used for all purchase/service-based actions in Survarium, including the purchasing of new items and upgrading and repairing weapons and equipment.

Whenever a survivor completes a match in Teamplay or finishes a task for the various factions, they will receive a small amount of silver minus the repair costs for their equipment. A small amount of silver is also awarded every time the player levels up depending on their current level. Additionally, some rare forms of items have a bonus which increases the amount of silver a survivor earns through matches.

Silver can be earned by selling excess weapons, equipment, items and ammunition from the survivor's inventory. Finally, silver can also be earned using real world money by purchasing gold and then converting it into silver.

Gold[edit | edit source]


Gold is the premium form of currency in Survarium and is normally only acquirable by purchasing it using real world money. It comes in packs of various quantities and can be purchased from the Official Survarium Shop (requires login).

Competitions and events are regularly held which reward winners with various amounts of gold, Premium Account time and other bonuses.

Survarium's payment system is entirely optional. Nearly all of the items in the game are acquirable through play or purchase with silver currency. Gold merely serves as a way to circumvent the grind needed to acquire these items normally. There are only a few items which can only be purchased with gold; cosmetic items such as Camouflage & decals, service items such as repair kits and stash maps, and bundles containing unique items with common bonuses and special, non gameplay-related bonuses such as increasing the amount of silver received and improving the item's reliability.

Premium weapons[edit | edit source]

Main article: Premium weapons

Premium Weapons are special variants of select weapons that are only acquirable by purchasing them with GoldGold. They usually have 3 statistic upgrades by default, 2 of which are usually unique, non-gameplay related bonuses such as increasing silver or XP received for a match. They also usually have a unique camouflage pattern, which is currently the only way of customizing a weapon's appearance.

Camouflage/Decals[edit | edit source]

Main article: Camouflage & decals

Camouflage and decals are cosmetic items appliable to Torso and Leg equipment. They serve as a way for survivors to customise their appearance. Up to one camouflage and two decals can be applied to any item and decals can be positioned, rotated and scaled to fit anywhere on their survivor's body.

Bundles[edit | edit source]

Main article: Bundles

Bundles are groups of items that can be purchased from the shop using gold. They were first introduced in the 0.25a update, along with special items. They usually include a special weapon with unique upgrades, a large amount of ammo and occasionally some other items.

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