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Welcome![edit source]

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Wiki Tidy Up[edit source]

Hello survivors,

Before I get into this, I'd like to extend a big thank you to the recent arrivals who've been helping populate the wiki pages and fill in missing facts and info. Wikis are a collective work, and through this group's efforts this wiki has been evolving in leaps and bounds over the past few days.

However, with this enthusiasm has come a slight disregard for the general guidelines when creating a wiki. In short, some areas of the wiki are starting to get too cluttered with all the info you guys are trying to cram in! The aim of this discussion is to try to address some of these concerns and decide on a cleaner, more organised format for the wiki in general.

1) Portal conciseness

The biggest thing which I've noticed is that portal pages, like the front page and Weapons page, are getting somewhat cluttered with links and stats. My rule of thumb for wikis is that I expect pages like this to be simple, logical gateways to more in-depth articles on the subjects I may be looking for.

For example, I personally think that not many people coming to the front page will be looking specifically for pages on Bundles and Camouflage & decals. I imagine they'll be looking for more general pages instead to gradually move deeper into the core aspects. One idea I've had for this is to create a central Store page, where we can talk about the various functions of the store, the different currencies like Silver and Gold, as well as linking to these more specific pages.

As for the weapons page, quite simply there are too many statistics which I feel people are not going to want to directly compare. Things like faction ranks for example are not directly comparable, as they're different for each faction and not alphabetically ordered. Likewise for fire modes, which are going to be largely the same most weapons anyway.

2) Game guidelines

The next thing is that some areas of the wiki are deliberately inconsistent with their equivalents in game. The biggest example of this is the Battle Rifles section on the Weapons page. There is no "Battle Rifles" category for weapons in game, and arbitrarily separating these weapons out like this is just going to confuse someone looking for a specific weapon. When in doubt, content and names should match those in-game as closely as possible for consistency's sake.

That's all for now guys. Remember, try to keep things simple and easy to read. If you want to drill down into specifics on a certain topic, do so in its dedicated page. Thanks.

Nexolate (talk) 09:33, 19 January 2015 (UTC)